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The greatest thing about Mongolia is the ability to go anywhere. Literally. No matter where you decide to set up your camp in Mongolia’s 1,566,000km2 campground, the set will suit your needs. It’s an incredible feeling. Total freedom. Not something one can ever experience on the busy highways of Europe. You can also turn up at various yurt communities and meet the locals in a very natural way. 

Outside of the capital Ulan Bator, most of Mongolia is completely nomadic, meaning you won't be the only one pitching up a temporary home. Mongolia's landscapes range from vast rolling steppe land to lush mountainous lake areas, to the red moonscape of the Gobi Desert.

Locals will greet you with gifts and smiles as you hike and camp your way across the country. If you tire of your basic tent configuration, consider renting a comfy ger (yurt) for a night. Keep an eye out for wildlife, including lynx, wildcats, snow leopards, wolves, and antelope.

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