Royal Mountain Hotel.
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The Royal Mountain hotel is conveniently located A zone of the city, where you can find the shopping center, the business center, and the cultural attractions of the city including the Musieum of Bogd Khaan, the Gobi-Cashemere Factory Store, the Chinggis Khan Square, the Theatre of Opera and Ballet of Mongolia and Gandan Monastery.

It is also a stone’s throw away from The Chinggis Khaan International Airport 12 km and 2 km from the Railway Station.
The Royal Mountain Hotel was built in 2016 with four-star rating, and has 49 luxury rooms offering international standards. Our services and facilities are designed to make any guest feel at home. We have friendly staff who can assist you a while you are staying with us.
You can also indulge in a divine array of cuisine served by our professional chefs in our Asian and European restaurants. There are services avaiable in house fitness area, spa massage, Screen Golf, Coffee shop and Karaoke for your own leisure. We also provide meeting and seminar room facilities for any conferences.
Ulaanbaatar city, khan-uul district Chinggis avenue , Sharav street 3- khoroo Khan-Uul Tower
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