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The monastery located in the center of the Gobi, when Buddhism spread in Mongolia in XIX century, yellow and red sect had a war and it is special that red sect developed during that period. Monastery was established in the 1820's by famous 19th century Mongolian educator and poet Danzanravjaa when he was 17 years old. According to a legend of the monastery, upland good man was helping to a poor people in that low land area where the monastery located. There are 3 three pieces’ tree mascot around the temple, where it protects three directions from the various attacks. Besides the religion, he devoted great efforts to the public education, established non religious public school to literate women and children, theatre, museum, and a library. Also he composed to perform a drama called “Saran khukhuu” for one month. None of the 700 temples were in Mongolia operating above mentioned activities.

Dornogovi, The center of Dornogobi province is 45 km south of Sainshand
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Ойр орчмын хоолны газрууд сонголт муутай идэх зүйл хэцүү Сайншандын буудлууд хагас өдрөөр байлгадаг тариф гэж байхгүй уян хатан биш сайншандад бас аятайхан хоолны газар бараг байхгүй Хур говь гэж ганц аятайхан газар байсан.

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