Choiriin Bogd mountain
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Choir Mountain Bogd Mountain is the pride of the people of Gobisumber aimag.

There are many historical and cultural monuments around Choir in Bogd Mountain, besides the Dauravundel god, the eastern Zhang Choir monastery, and the White god goddess of the Buddha, Kidapawan rock, Children's pile, the rock paintings, Ancient China's steel telephone committee, Dugar stele monument. 

Local residents consider that this resort is good for foreigners, so visitors to this area often go to the mountains. It's amazing to see the surrounding area. There are over 200 Argali sheep in the mountains. It's a rocky, rocky-shaped rock, with a glacial flow of people and animals on the north. Rare plants, argali, ibex, wolf, fox, rabbits, eagle eagles and saker falcons are abundant.a

Govisümber, The mountain is located on the eastern edge of the province and is the westernmost edge of the great Borjigon area of our country.
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